Stay Humble, Hustle Hard


A few weeks back, our CEO shot a quick video at a friend’s office. In the video, Michael touched on shaping a company’s environment to match their goals. He never drives into specifics – more or less touching on the basic idea to get you to think about how the office your employees inhabit can be augmented to drive success. But I digress.

Behind Mike, framed wonderfully, was a bit of wall art that inspired me to write to you this week. The phase “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard” rings true to DreamCSX, and as such, deserves some attention.

DreamCSX has yet to blow out candles on a single birthday cake. To stay humbleis woven into the fabric of our company charter. We recognize, more than most, that businesses do not stay successful when they lose sight of reality. Every line-item on the company ledger needs to be scrutinized – from company-sponsored parties, all the way down to office supplies. While DreamCSX was founded on the ideology to grant every employee the tools they need to be successful, it comes at the price of needing to always account for that measurable success the employee will deliver. The data always sets your free, my friends.

The yang to humilty’s yin is the hustle. Simply put, without drive, the car does not move. Too often in business we get buried in the weeds, or can’t see the forest for the trees. But set aside the mantras and platitudes for a second. The real world constantly presents us with real problems – like making payroll on a week when sales may not have come in, or dealing with the loss of a client unexpectedly. There are times when facing these challenges, we wind up taking one on the chin, pushing our plans and dreams aside to put out the fires. The issue then comes when the fire is out; are you going to push your plans back? Or double down to catch up to where you’re supposed to be? DreamCSX always chooses the latter. The hustle, then, is always on.

Now, circle back to the environment. DreamCSX recently moved into its brand-new home. Amidst the clutter, boxes, and temporary furniture, our hard-working team has been living humble while hustling hard. Our continued successes have been outlined each week at our State of the Dream addresses – a feature in our business that not only drives culture (of being transparent), but awards individual efforts that ultimately lift our team up higher. While we’ve yet to really build out some installation art of inspiration we have made it a continued mission to celebrate our work, take time to truly welcome each new member of our growing team, and always account for the contributions throughout the company. Our employees are living, breathing inspiration to one another. Beats a little painting or sculpture any day of the week, I tell you what.

“Stay Humble, Hustle Hard” may adorn the wall of another office, but the words ring true inside each Dreamer who works between our walls. The mentality of any startup business is to find the balance between the hunger and the disruption. Our shingle in the BPO space comes attached with more than bleeding-edge technology and uncompromising employee talent. It comes rooted with a passionto be the best, and never lose that spirit. Whether we close ten clients or a hundred in a given week, we have chosen the path to Dream (with a capital D). We will never take our eyes off the horizon. There will never be a point at which we settle for what we have. There will always be innovation, expansion, and a commitment of uncompromising results.

We follow these feelings because we are forever humbled under the auspices that everything worth having doesn’t come without a fight. We stay humble, so that we can always hustle hard.