Outsourcing: Give a Gift to Your Business


Tis the season, Dreamers!

As often is the case, our Chief Dreamer, Michael McMillan’s YouTube channel has sparked a great debate for us to discuss this week:

Outsourcing. To many, this word is a harbinger of doom. Mere utterances of it fills employees with dread over the loss of their jobs. Management cower with back-pocket anecdotal feelings of letting strangers handle the nuances of their businesses culture, product, and customers. The term, sadly, is dirty as a piece of coal left in a naughty boy or girl’s stocking.

In reality… Outsourcing is the plate of cookies and glass of milk left for Santa. Follow me down this silly little metaphor, will you?

Santa brings gifts for all the good little boys and girls of the world. In return for this outsourcing of gift procurement for the season, you in turn, pay with some sugar, fat, and starch. It’s more than a fair deal! You didn’t have to make the gift, wrap it, or even deliver it. Instead, you outsourced and receive more than you had to pay out! A plate of cookies and milk is far cheaper than both the material goods and labor involved in the gift giving process!

Outsourcing can mean the difference between profit and loss. Between a product or not. Between your customer’s satisfaction or not. When the right partner is involved, outsourcing lowers your bottom line and frees up your resources to better focus on whatever it is your business does the best.

The fear with outsourcing for many managers and business owners comes down to the misnomer of the loss of control. The feeling that by carving off a piece of the business and wholly giving it over to a vendor strips your business of its agency. This couldn’t be further from the truth — when you partner with the rightvendor!

When you choose the right partner to outsource with, you’re gaining an entire workforce where you once likely only had a few employees. Your dollar stretches one or two employees into five or ten. And when those five or ten are contractually obligated and specifically trained to represent your business (matching both your specific business culture, as well as having access and complete knowledge of your product), your control is actually far greater than it ever was before!

Because the right outsourcing partner is not only accountable for successful interactions with your customers — they are experts in service where you specifically are not. This can’t ever be seen as an admission of fault or weakness. This is, in fact, good leadership. As with many who are the most successful in business today: it’s less about your ability to control every decision… more about your ability to have all decisions being made by those best equipped to make them for you!

As always, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make an attempt to draw some specific allusions to our own offerings. DreamCSX is Customer Experience and Sales Support. The complete care and coaxing of the client lifecycle. Our partners recognize the grind that represents mining sales leads, generating quality appointments, and properly managing customer support issues. When one of our customers works with us, they are outsourcing these specific needs because DreamCSX can provide a service they simply couldn’t replicate in-house — without heft overhead and precious time and monetary resources. DreamCSX lowers their bottom line while increasing their productivity. In short? For the price of a plate of milk and cookies? DreamCSX is leaving every one of our partners the gift of time and money under their tree.

And that makes for one happy holiday season.