Dreamer Spotlight: Sara Hilzendeger

  1. Tell us a little about yourself prior to working at DreamCSX. What career highlights would you like to spotlight?

    I haven’t had a typical or logical career path. I worked for a small medical equipment resale outfit out of Atlanta. I got to interact a lot with doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators and find out how their equipment they used was helping or hurting their business.

    People are my passion, so it was quite fun to interact with so many people from so many places. From there, I went to work in middle school ministry where I had been a volunteer. I loved my job there primarily because I still think like a middle schooler. I did find that I missed the interaction with kids that I had as a volunteer. Once on staff, my interaction was dedicated to our volunteers. I loved it, but I really belong hanging out with middle school girls braiding hair or playing Just Dance on the Xbox.

    I then started my own business as a personal chef in Atlanta. I loved that as well, and did quite well for myself, but I missed working as a part of team. It’s probably better for me to keep cooking as a passion/hobby rather than for business.
  2. Now, tell us about what you do at DreamCSX. How do you apply what you learned from previous jobs to make what you do at DreamCSX special?  

    I was hired as an Experience Specialist to make cold calls and warm up leads. I am moving into doing other work within the company using my talents in outbound prospecting. I learned to work hard but still play hard in my previous positions. I have a continuous drive to push myself harder every day—but I also never pass up the opportunity to brighten someone’s day or make them laugh if I can! It’s my belief that hard work shouldn’t “feel” like hard work if you’re doing it right. I’m grateful to work for a company who embraces that culture.
  3. Tell me (so far) your favorite moment at DreamCSX. It can be a customer interaction, landing a deal, or even something related to being on the team.

    My favorite moment working here is working with another team member to develop an official cheer for our company. She is running point on the project, but we’re collaborating together. We expect to hear it around here all the time soon. Super fun!
  4. When you’re not at DreamCSX, what do you like to do? 

    I love to cook. Cooking is like therapy to me. No matter what I’m stressed about, deglazing a pan just makes life feel easy again. I go home at the end of the workday singing music loudly and off-key in my car. I walk in, change into sweats (such a homebody), crank up music in the kitchen, and dance. Whether I’m cooking more complex meals or just a grilled cheese, pumping up the jam in my kitchen is such a great way to start the evening. When I’m not cooking, I’m probably at a ballfield watching my son play whatever sport of the moment he’s into, or I’m watching Friends with my husband. If I were a character on TV, I would be Monica on Friends even though she annoys me the most. She wants everything to be perfect and is always playing hostess, but her friends are so annoyed with her worrying about all the stupid details (like how her ribbons are stored) so much. I relate so strongly to that!
  5. What are you a total nerd about?

    FOOD. How it’s prepped, where it comes from, the origins of a recipe, ALL. THE. THINGS. I am always learning a new dish to create or finding the worst looking restaurant on the block that makes the most amazing food. If the building of a restaurant looks like it should be condemned but the parking lot is full, you can bet it’s legit.
  6. Last, but not least: it’s time for “3 Truths and a Lie: Dreamer Edition”. Give us 3 dreams you have for your future… and 1 lie!
    1. I’m going to launch a podcast next year and it’s going to be incredible.
    2. I dream of visiting every country in the world one day.
    3. My husband and I aim to be completely out of debt in the next 10 years.
    4. I dream of a world where no one drinks their cereal milk in front of me. So gross!