Great Businesses Begin with Great Communication


Before we say anything else this week, we here at DreamCSX hope that you and yours had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Hopefully you took a few days off to celebrate, relax, be with family, and see some fantastic fireworks!

Of course, then you had to walk back into the office, and realize the summer really has only just begun. And like a kid who comes back to class after being sick for a few days, you might be feeling a bit behind your goals. Sound too familiar? Well, the key we want to discuss this week is good communication.

Communication is at the heart of our modern society – most especially in the business world. Whether conversing with a potential client, a longtime customer, or your own staff, making sure you’re getting the right message across can make or break you. Miscommunicate your strengths, or undervalue your solutions? You miss a crucial sale. Forget to close the loop on customer feedback? Your steady revenue suddenly sits on rocky ground. Don’t spend enough time clearly defining the scope and expectations of your new hires? Well, soon enough your HR rep will complain that it feels like you need a turnstile at your front door!

Scary, no?

When it comes down to it: great communication is the key to cultivating a culture of success. We here at DreamCSX keep that in mind with every interaction we have. Simply put, when we help a customer fill a role at their office, we take the time to clearly communicate every last detail. As you should seek to do every day: thoroughness breeds thoughtfulness.

Think now about all the interactions you’ll have for the rest of this month, this week, or heck… even just until the end of today. Be sure before any phone calls, meetings, or emails, take a few moments to plan your communication strategy. Write down a few simple – but key – declarations you need to succeed:

  • What is my goal with this conversation (phone call, meeting, e-mail)?
  • What is my plan to reach that goal? Do the people I’m working with know that plan?
  • What, if any, roadblocks stand in the way of meeting that goal?

With those key thoughts committed in writing… you’ll effectively provide yourself a roadmap to great communication. And while nothing is ever perfect, by having a plan in place, you provide yourself more opportunities to dodge mistakes with forward thinking. And we believe that’s a great start to great communication.

We want to leave you this week with a bit of a boast. One that sparked our thoughts on great communication. Here’s a recent testimonial left to us by our friends and customer, The Draw Shop:

We've just started working with DreamCSX this week and already we're seeing great results!

Not only was our Experience Specialist Tara responsive and eager to learn the tasks we needed her to do, but she showed great follow up and an eagerness to help us be more efficient.

Her communication with our clients has been professional and thorough and we're excited that she has joined our team!

Thanks DreamCSX
- The Draw Shop”