Dreamer Spotlight: Paul Ownby



  1. Tell us a little about yourself prior to working at DreamCSX. What career highlights would you like to spotlight?

    Before I worked at DreamCSX I was a health insurance agent at a telecommunications company. I sold Medicare Advantage and ACA plans for companies out of North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan, have life and heath insurance licenses in four states, was awarded the title of Senior Mentor Agent, and served on the Employee Relations Committee. I received “Agent of the Week”, “Agent of the Month”, and “Agent of the Quarter” honors numerous times.
  2. Now, tell us about what you do at DreamCSX. How do you apply what you learned from previous jobs to make what you do at DreamCSX special?

    My role is in the Inside Sales department which we call the “Dreamer Team”.  We are devoted to and cater to start-up and small to medium size companies by offering business solutions that enable them to focus on their core business. My primary objective is to initiate a long term relationship with these companies and educate them on the many ways that we can free up some of their bandwidth, allowing them to focus on making their “dream” a reality. My background in health insurance has provided me with the skill set to always listen to a client’s needs and recommend a course of action.
  3. Tell us your favorite moment at DreamCSX. 

    I really enjoy being a part of an exciting time in an exciting environment with dynamic people. The atmosphere is electric — where new ideas and creative thoughts are encouraged! We are constantly looking for inventive and innovative ways to approach various tasks.
  4. When you’re not at DreamCSX, what do you like to do?

    I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, and cooking. I’m also a devoted member and the song leader of my church.
  5. What are you a total nerd about?

    I am a nerd about UT football! My parents started taking me to see the Vols when I was just five years old and I haven’t missed very many home games since then. Now, I enjoy going to the games with my wife and our oldest son.  And I am excited to introduce our youngest son to the madness that is... “Rocky Top”!
  6. Last, but not least: it’s time for “2 Truths and a Lie: Dreamer Edition”. (Guess the lie!)

    One day I want to run for political office.
    One day I would like to open my own restaurant.
    One day I would like to start my own clothing line called Blue Tick, featuring polo shirts with small orange hound dogs embroidered on the upper left chest.