Don't Be Eclipsed... Be the Eclipse.


This past Monday, DreamCSX looked to the sky – not just because we’re inherently dreamers! We, like so many here in the US, enjoyed the first total eclipse of the sun viewable in the lower 48 states since 1979 (and for the record? The next one will be on April 8, 2024!).

Amidst all the star-gazing, it got me thinking… about our business, and especially about the businesses we partner with. As the moon crawled across the view of the sun, with visible wisps of the corona flickering behind it, I saw a metaphor apt in the business world.

How often are we eclipsed by our competition?

In the day and age where viralitycelebrity, or savvy social media posting can turn your competitor into an overnight sensation, how do you compete? It’s often a rat race to the bottom. We’ve all seen it before, haven’t we; those marketing managers trying to insert their business into every bucket challenge-meme-campaign in hopes of feeling hip and relevant. And sometimes? It works! Where does it leave your business? As new customers flood the gates of the guy down the street (or one hyperlink away), you’re left much like our sun… in the dark.

DreamCSX was built on a principle our CEO made clear the other day… a principle rooted in tangible numbers:

"We provide companies increased customer satisfaction scores within 60 days, 10% - 15% reduction in a top 5 P&L item within 90 days, and the potential for 40% - 60% reduction on that same P&L items within 1 year!"

Through sensible outsourcing with our Experience Specialists, we’ve seen that our partners are moving their bottom lines deeper into the black with every month. Because we give them the ability to focus on what they do best… we leave them in a position to eclipse their competition. When they’re not hastily patchworking solutions for customer satisfaction, lead generation and nurturing, or research… they’re shining brighter by spending their time working on the solutions that advance their company forward. And by doing that for them? We’re eclipsing our competition too.

Normally, I don’t like to be to heavy-fisted with our brand message. But as the moon moved past the sun, and the sky began to shine brightly again, I couldn’t help but finish the thought.

Your window of opportunity in business is fleeting. If you’re not doing everythingyou can to give yourself the edge… You’re going to remain in the dark forever.