Dreamer Spotlight: Tara Slusher



  1. Tell us a little about yourself prior to working at DreamCSX. What career highlights would you like to spotlight?

    I’ve had a fun career so far! I started in TV production at a local NBC affiliate, went to national cable programming (HGTV, DIY, Oxygen), on to PBS... and then went corporate!  My biggest rewards have been meeting community changers — you know, those people that are really giving it their all, and making a difference in their community. It was my role to help these people wanting to share their story on TV.  

    I’ve always been a curious person and being in TV production gave me access to meet all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds.  While I benefited from being exposed to many ways of life and schools of thought, I was also able to apply my skills to help them share their voice. 
  2.  Now, tell us about what you do at DreamCSX. How do you apply what you learned from previous jobs to make what you do at DreamCSX special?  

    I’m the Dream Hunter here at DreamCSX.  I help our company find talent across the entire business spectrum, and I’m looking for people who want to have a greater impact on the world than what they’re already doing. People who want to find a company that values their contributions and wants to see them grow!

    I’ve worked in Casting and I apply similar skills to finding good talent for DreamCSX as I would for a TV show.  I’m a people person and I thrive in organized chaos! That comes from working in newsrooms, being on tight deadlines, and knowing I have a responsibility to do my job accurately and professionally. For me, organized chaos is loving the excitement of an ever-changing, ever-growing company, and loving me some post-it notes and lists. Oh the lists! 
  3. Tell me (so far) your favorite moment at DreamCSX. It can be a customer interaction, landing a deal, or even something related to being on the team.

    By far my favorite moment at DreamCSX was when I received my first account to handle for the company.  They are of the same industry that I came from... so I knew the lingo, I knew the tone they were looking for, and I could very quickly become one of them. I hit it out of the park! It solidified what our company is all about, helping our clients take care of certain business processes so they can focus their time and energy on reaching even higher business goals.  That kind of success right out of the gate happened because our senior leaders in the company have an expansive career in this business, they know what they’re doing, and who to match with what account.  It’s impressive!
  4. When you’re not at DreamCSX, what do you like to do? 

    I’m a family person and everything centers around my tribe. We even have our own nickname.   When I’m not at DreamCSX you can find me either in the mountains enjoying this BEAUTIFUL natural habitat, at the movies, at church, at a ballpark, or in my kitchen.  I still date my husband (so important!) and we love to catch live bands playing on the weekends and discover local new eateries.
  5.  What are you a total nerd about? 

    I am a NERD about awards shows.  Yes, I block out my entire afternoon/evening to watch the red carpet shows. Yes I plan out my own wardrobe, and tweet about it. Yes I get emotional about acceptance speeches and have been known to YouTube them a few times afterwards just to relive the moment.  No, you will not judge me.
  6. Last, but not least: it’s time for “3 Truths and a Lie: Dreamer Edition”. Give us 3 dreams you have for your future… and 1 lie!
        1.  I plan to live in a motorhome and travel the country after the kids leave for college.
        2. I plan to start my own non-profit.
        3. I plan to pursue my singing career one day.
        4. I plan to start a podcast and it will be AMAZING