Have You Dreamt Today?


I was lucky the other day to have a bit of time to myself while on the road for the company. Enjoying a rare evening when no toddlers would wake me up at the crack of dawn to ask to use my cellphone granted me a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I will ask all of you reading this to ensure my wife does notsee this blog. With blackout curtains pulled taught, a king-size bed all to myself, and a room chilled to a brisk 67 degrees, I hit slumberland like my beloved Cubs hit the baseball – hard. And then I dreamed the most glorious dream. There I was, moving new furniture into a new house down the street from my current tinier home. My sons were there, being helpful. And then I got the call that my latest comic book (you do know I make comics right? No? Well, maybe it’ll be my turn for an employee spotlight soon!) was picked up by Marvel to be made into a movie. What a dream!

And it leads me to ask you a very basic question: Have you dreamt today?

DreamCSX beyond the basic elevator pitch, is the sum of many moving parts. But what binds those parts, rote as it may be, is the constant of aspiration. The company was formed by Dreamers for Dreamers. In short: business men and women whose eyes are purposefully bigger than their stomach. DreamCSX wants to find each and every last one of those people, and give them the Buy One Get One coupon right to the Vegas buffet of business success.

But I digress. I could make up metaphors all day.

From our chief Dreamer straight down to our account representatives, we represent the ideal that all businesses should be able to focus on what makes them successful. In previous blogs, I’ve asked you to do some simple homework. To capture what you do better than your competition, and then take down the tasks that get in your way to doing those things you outlined previously. I did these exercises with you to help you see the bigger picture. Or in short… to dream.

Too often in the business world, we get mired in the muck of the minutiae. We can’t see the forest for the trees. Because the day-in-day-out sundries of account management, administrative work, or even just the grind of prospect nurturing can all clog the gears of innovation. If your company makes widgets… how often are you really working to improve your widgets, design brand new widgets to edge out your competition, or work to collect market research to determine the strategy of your current widget offerings? If you’re worried about answering the phones, monitoring your sales team, or solving your customers basic problems? The fact is you’re spending money inefficiently. Leaders assume their roles to steer the ship, not determine what the galley serves for supper.

And with that, I come to dreaming. It’s time you dream again. Recall the times at the infancy of your business (or perhaps when you yourself started in business). Do you remember a time when innovation was on the tip of your tongue? When development, research, prototyping, and making those initial sales kept you up at night and then woke you up early to keep pushing? These are the things we want to talk to our customers about.

So, close your eyes. Envision your administrative work, cold calling, and data collection all being handled without stress. Replace that stress with a big fat pile of empty space. What will you put there? What will you allow your company to aspire to do, when the day-to-day isn’t an unending fire to be put out?

Dream. And then tell us what that dream is. Together? We’ll make it a reality.