Oh Captain, My Captain


Every morning, as I check down my various news sites to start my day… I always wind up at YouTube. While there, I’ll tag a handful of videos to Watch Later, so when I get home and have a minute or two to myself, I have some quick entertainment at hand while I catch up on personal e-mail. Fancy that only a few days ago, YouTube suggested a new channel for me.

It suggested the new vlog of DreamCSX’s CEO, Mike McMillan. #Synergy

So, half-jokingly, I went ahead and clicked subscribe. Later that evening, I pulled up Mike’s very first clip, and turned my attention to my second screen. His words stopped me from moving my mouse an inch. As he set himself up, I could feel the sincere passion Mike brings to the table for the employees at DreamCSX. Before long, I’d caught up on all of his entries (now on his 6th as of this article). There’s so much to unpack, that I fear a single blog of my own will hardly do Mike justice. With that in mind, I cite one clip:

As you’ll see across the span of eight minutes, Mike knows what it means to run a startup. Beyond the excitement of running a business, comes the responsibility of making it work. As I myself have worked in and around startups for over half of my own fifteen year career, I can personally attest to the breadth of startup CEOs that exist in the space. From the CEBro to the Trustfund Kid, I’ve worked for them all. Mike though, as you see above, represents the best kind of leader; the one never willing to give an order he himself wouldn’t do to see victory.

So there, in the dead of night when some of us were watching TV, playing on our phones, or taking in that last glass of wine, DreamCSX’s head-honcho was crunching numbers to see his aggressive goals be met. As a leader, he’s been committed to keeping the inner-workings of the company transparent to his employees. And let me say beyond a shadow of doubt: when you know the direction and passion of your company without the veil of subterfuge or extraneous hype? You believe in your company. As such, it’s every reason why I personally believe so much in DreamCSX.

As I like to do, I want to end this week with a brief assignment for you and your business. I want you to think of where you stand specifically at your company. What roles do you take on. What duties do you delegate. Now, imagine it’s midnight. Your staff – be they above or below your paygrade – is off for the night. What are you willing to do to see success? Now, I want you to write it out. Type it if you’re handwriting is sloppy (we know, we know… you have too much to do to be neat). And tape it somewhere you have to see it daily.

At the end of the day, we must all answer to ourselves: if we are to lead, then we must build up those who follow us. Do the work you have to do to see your goals met. And where DreamCSX can partner with you to allow you the time to do it? Well, you’ll know that the leader of our ship is doing the same things you are to see every one of us succeed.

And that… is the dream we’re all trying to achieve.