New Years: New Opportunities


Tis the season, Dreamers!

Not long after DreamCSX opened its doors to the business world, there came a simple but effective question we as a team asked ourselves. “How do we grow fast, but smart?” It’s much the same as nearly any business in its infancy must keep in mind. The concept of growth and scalability should be on the tip of the tongue of nearly every business owner. It’s never good enough to be good enough. But in order to strive for better… there are things that must be kept in mind along the journey.

With 2018 upon us, and many customers and business returning to the normal work week, it’s time we all take a close look at our businesses – and ensure that scalability and growth are at the top of our short and long-term to-do lists. It’s a new year, and new opportunities await those who are best prepared for it.

To begin, you as a business must define what a new opportunity looks like. For some businesses, new opportunities may exist with existing customers. Users of a product or service are more likely to repeat and expand their business if they are satisfied with the product or service they are presently receiving.

A great example here in my own life: As a long-time user of the Blue brand of USB microphones, when it came time to revamp my podcasting equipment… I first turned to Blue microphones when considering the next level of product. Because of this, Blue as a company could consider me a new opportunity from an existing user. As such, I upgraded from their Snowball to their larger and more impressive Yeti microphone. I’ll look forward to sharing some recordings with you in 2018, so you can judge my taste in audio devices.

Beyond mining an existing user-base, there is always the prospect of completely new customers. No matter your product or service, there are always new people entering your marketplace ready to consider your business.

The key question then for both sets of opportunities is a complex one; What are you doing to deliver your message and the best experience for them when it comes to making a purchase? What are you doing to ensure after purchase your customer is well-supported? And how are you leveraging the data you capture with each customer interaction with your business? The answers to each of these should both excite and frighten you!

What you’re doing right and wrong will dictate how much each new opportunity costs your business. Remember that every new customer in your door costs you employee time, energy, marketing dollars, and support costs for the span of their patronage. Your duty is to ensure you’re not only covering those costs, but are profiting to boot. If your New Years resolution list doesn’t include line-items to audit all your processes to track exactly how much each opportunity costs you? Well, you’re welcome. We just gave you your first bit of homework for the year!

But what is good for the goose is good for the gander, or so they say. Rest assured DreamCSX has asked all of these questions and more internally as we stare down 2018. Our answers are as complex as yours are; by continuing to grow our base of experience specialists, developing new and engaging marketing and educational materials, and ensuring the success of our existing partners is our not-so-secret recipe for success.

As always, this blog is meant to make you think, make you act, and make you excited for the future. If DreamCSX can help your business scale and grow efficiently – while increasing your profit through intelligent, data-driven service solutions – we want to talk to you. Because, let’s face it…

You might very well be our next great opportunity for success.