Engaged to My Customers


Welcome back to the new DreamCSX website. Please mind the dust as we continue to tinker and build on this foundation. Our goal is show the world at large how DreamCSX is an expert in our field; and that our hunger is satiated only when we’re able to help the business community dream bigger. It’s how we engage with the world, writ large.

So, how does your business engage its customers?

Oftentimes, we consider engagement to be abhorrent means to our revenue ends. In short? Dealing with customers can sometimes feel like a time-suck until the sale is made. Worse than that... perhaps when you finally land the sale, the customer then becomes a nuisance – either nitpicking your techs over implementation, or otherwise occupying your reps, and removing their time prospecting or building your business. But let’s take the time now to see it from their perspective. Become your customer.

When you make a purchase, especially in business, you likely feel pressured to nail the decision. Whether it’s a product or service, when you become a customer, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to ensure you are meeting or exceeding the expectations that the purchase solves the problem you were trying to solve. Beyond that? It’s always likely you’re responsible for ensuring that the purchase itself was economical – that you’ve either received a deal, or have stayed within your budget. And then once purchased, comes the implementation or use of the product or service. The conceit remains; did you make the right decision? If you did, perhaps your value within your company rises (even when you’re the owner!). Make a poor choice? Your company could be handicapped, and the blame falls back on you. So, here you stand, in front of the salesman, with all of that swimming in your head. Do you see how engagement now becomes the key to a successful purchase and relationship?

 Your company is offering a product or service that it stands by. Your reputation, and the betterment of your business is built on the precipice of a happy base of customers. Customers who may feed you continual revenue or evangelize and bring new business through your door. And it all falls back on how well you engage with your customers; both at the time when they are still being pitched, and then following through when they’ve become your customer.

Your sales team and customer service representatives have the power to educate, coach, and cheerlead on behalf of your customers. They identify the problems your customers face, and provide a solution that solves their specific problem… at a price that is deemed worthy and appropriate. In the best case? You help them, and they help you. All at the cost of a few basic concepts to work on:

·         Active and Attentive Listening: Whether a customer reaches out to you, or you’re pitching to them cold… engagement begins and ends at the ear of your employee. Your customer has a problem, and you have the solution. This means investing in the time to listen to the customers’ needs. Letting the smallest fish remain on your line at their pace creates a more trusted relationship. Even if it doesn’t end in a sale today, it builds the relationship for…

·         Clear and Powerful Marketing:  Your brand, and the collateral that surrounds it, are passive-yet-passionate salespeople waiting in the wings. With every email blast, social media post, vlog, or trade-show swag-bag giveaway, your company engages potential clients. While less personable than an actual person-to-person interaction (duh)… the right message delivered in the right way can speak volumes to more introverted (or data-driven) customers. Clear, concise marketing builds your brand, and puts your concepts (and products or services) in the minds of those you’re trying to sell. And just as a late-night commercial for ice cream might send you to the fridge for a little snack…

·         The Follow-thru: Once a potential customer crosses the threshold to become an actual client, your company now must close the loop of engagement. Deliver the product or service on time, and at the best quality possible. Then, ensure the customer is/has/was/will use your product or service and that in doing so, it meets the originally stated goals your salesmen identified while being an active listener. Provide your customer with all the tools they need to take advantage of what your product or service has to offer. Give them the right instructions, support on hand to assist when problems arise, and continual (but not overbearing) communication to keep them abreast of your company’s continued desire to solve their problems.

Plenty to chew on this week. But consider it our way of engaging your mind and acumen. As always: let us know your thoughts on any of our social channels or just give us a call. Trust me: we always want to hear from you. Why? Well, because it’s always the first step to seeing our customers dream bigger