Culture Outsourcing


Outsourcing is a natural part of business growth.  It is a way for a company to get exponentially more resources behind them that are focused and highly skilled, and typically at a highly-reduced rate that hiring internally.  But, there is one issue that all companies all struggle with when it is time to outsource but oddly enough do nothing about it.  That issue is how to replicate their culture outside their walls.

Ten years ago, I had a Network Marketing company approach me looking for urgent help as they were growing exponentially, but could not find quality labor to handle all the calls, emails, social media, etc...  They knew they needed help, but were scared to death of using an outsourcer like me because their team believed there would be customers and distributors if either group figured out corporate had hired and outsourcer to handle support.

Having heard this same concern hundreds of times I knew it was something I could overcome, but I also realized a real solution, and not just a way to overcome this objection, needed to be discovered. So, like every good sale guy I made a promise that I was going to make Operations figure out.  So, looking my future client in the eye, I swore to him that we would build him a process that would allow us not only to replicate and improve service quality but also mirror the companies culture as well.

That single promise led to what has today become our Culture Mirroring process.  It is a proprietary method we use at DreamCSX to go into a business and create a way for our client's new team in our centers to not only perform the services they need, but look, sound, act, and feel just like they worked for the company.  How we measure our success is simple. We have our clients ask the Experience Specialists this one question, "who do you work for?"  When we know, we got everything right the agent will say our clients name as the answer.  

In the world of outsourcing, there is so much pressure on metrics and performance that culture is always forgotten.  What our team has discovered is when you can get the culture just right all the metrics and performance just comes together.  

So, if your company is facing massive growth, or just got done with a significant period of growth and now require help with the consolidation of your support teams.  Don't start with the systems and processes that must be outsourced.  First, start by getting your team to build a document that clearly reflects your organization's culture.  This single document will help you then vet through any provider and find the one that can mirror what your customers have come to expect from your brand.

To Your Success & Prosperity!


About The Author: Michael McMillan is the Chief Dreamer of DreamCSX. Living life by his motto of, "never become a statistic" Michael is ever pushing himself and his teams toward creating amazing solutions for consumers.