Outsourcing is Broke


You know how there are those interesting facts you learn about your industry but are quickly told, "don't ever tell anyone that."  Well, this blog post is about to discuss one of those facts, as it is the time to discuss it openly.

Traditional outsourcers do not have your companies interest at heart!

Yes, you did just read that right.  The reason is not that the businesses and staff do not want to help you improve customer retention, customer service, or sales.  No, the issue is because the revenue and profit models of the service to need conflict.

In the world of outsourcing the primary revenue driver for traditional outsourcers is from providing companies with labor to fulfill a service for a company.  For that labor they provide, they earn profit margin for every hour worked.  Compounded this can add up to a very lucrative cash flow for business.  

Now on the flip side, companies leverage outsourcers for some reasons ranging from specializations they cannot hire or manage internally, to the more traditional purpose of cost cutting.  No matter the reason the need for their outsourcer to run that service as efficient as possible is demanded.  

In that last sentence is where the conflict comes in.  A call center outsourcer makes all their money in "cheeks in seats."  The more cheeks in seats, the more money they make.  The client, on the other hand, is looking for the Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) to use a few seats as possible to provide the greatest outcome for their clients.  

See the issue?

For years, this dilemma bothered me as I knew my financial success was based on those cheeks in seats I made, and to do that I needed my clients to grow their seat count not lower it.  On the flip side, I knew the only way to keep getting clients was to provide fantastic service so I could get referrals.  Doing this meant painfully working to lower that seat count, cost per interaction (call/email/web chat), deflect traffic to a lower cost channel, and/or find ways for their customers to self-service them self.  

Yes, it was the right thing to do, but when everyone on the project knows this just hurts the company who pays their bills financially their hearts cannot get behind it as they should.  This knowledge is in part why I left the BPO market for a few years, and only until we found the solution did I decided to come back.

See at DreamCSX our long-term financial success is not from cheeks in seats.  Our success is drawn from the maturing of our Artificial Intelligence engines to produce amazing customer experience solutions.  Our live Experience Specialists are simply the engines teachers.  With this mission in mind our team aligns our self with the brands, we serve so finally when they outsource their outsourcer is working with them to make the best possible customer experience without the worry of eliminating seat count on their program.  Also for our internal sales, support, and Experience Specialists we all know the faster we mature our AI systems, the more opportunity it is for our business to get more clients who we can support.

So rather than continuing with an outsourcer that has a model in direct conflict with your long-term success, you need to look at DreamCSX. We are the first outsourcer with your businesses REAL needs at our core, and ready to go the extra mile for both your consumer and your businesses financial success.

To Your Success & Prosperity!


About The Author: Michael McMillan is the Chief Dreamer of DreamCSX. Living life by his motto of, "never become a statistic" Michael is ever pushing himself and his teams toward creating amazing solutions for consumers.