How to Retain Your Customers: A Lesson Learned from Mom


We here at DreamCSX hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day this past Sunday. As I was celebrating with my wife and mother, an odd thought struck me — a marketer’s work is never done, is it?! One of the tentpoles of our company is built on the ideology of Retention. And in thinking on mothers… it struck me that the way a business truly secures it’s customers these days, is to take their cues directly from moms.

Think about it: Who else drives a stronger loyalty than our mothers? And while we can no doubt give a nod to good old-fashioned genetics for some key components, we’d be remiss if we thought for a second that mothers of adopted children, step-moms, or dads-acting-as-moms were any less maternal in retaining their children’s adulation! Simply put, moms do some truly simple things that we can learn from to evangelize our customers, and usher them into long-term relationships with our businesses.

1. Be supportive.

When you struck out in little league, who was still there applauding in the stands, making sure you knew your #1 fan knew you’d knock it out of the park next time? Maintain that level of support for your customers, to build a solid foundation. Whatever their endeavors are while using your product or service are now your endeavors too. Beyond basic quality assurance checks, be mindful to see the complete sales cycle. Long after closing a deal, it’s your responsibility to support your customers as they use your product or service. Remember: their success is your success.

2. Be honest, and constructive.

If I botched a question on my homework, my mother never had an issue calling me out on it. But rather than supply me with the answer along with admonishment, instead, she chose to help me find the answer myself. Hold the relationships with your customers in much the same manner. If they refuse to take your advice, offer constructive solutions to allow them to see things on their own. And if they need to fail first? So be it. You won’t have to say “I told you so”, as much as “Sorry that happened, let’s see how we can fix it together?”

3. Keep your eyes on the immediate future.

I love when my wife will call out to one of my boys as they run, head down, towards an obstacle. Much in the same manner, there are times when we see our customer’s future long before they do. And just as above: coming up with that critical-but-constructive advice to steer them in the right direction can mean the difference between customer loyalty, and customer loss. When you can help your customer see the road ahead of them, you’re teaching that that you have their best interests in mind.

4. Don’t forget the cupcake.

While our moms may have ensured we were eating our vegetables, they wouldn’t send us to bed without a little treat, right? The same should apply with your customers. Aside from providing them with quality products, caring customer service, and amenable support… don’t be afraid to treat your customers every now and again! Unexpected gifts — be it with a free upgrade in an order, useful advice, competitor analysis, or just a quick phone call to check in — can mean the difference between being thought of as a means-to-an-end versus a considerate partner.

5. Carry their picture in your wallet.

One last thing to consider: your best customers should know you value their business with you. By partnering with them on case-studies, or asking them to provide a testimonial… there is an opportunity to promote your partnership. And that promotion — showing off, if you will — betters both of your brands. Just as we here at DreamCSX love our fantastic clients like LinkAKC, iTreatMD, Lehigh University… your future customers want to know who you love. It provides them piece of mind when they weigh your brand against the competition.

So, with all those ideas above, we hope you have some sparks to improve your customer retention programs — all free of charge here from us to you. And if you ever need a hand improving your customer loyalty? We’re here to help! Start here, and learn more on how DreamCSX builds the best retention programs in the business today! Call it our cupcake, if you will. 😊