Dreamer Spotlight: Alisha Ammons


Alisha Ammons

  1. Tell us a little about yourself prior to working at DreamCSX. What career highlights would you like to spotlight?

    I have a BA in Theatre.  I worked as a nanny and a camp counselor for 3 years, and I also taught Children's Theatre at the Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham. 
  2.  Now, tell us about what you do at DreamCSX. How do you apply what you learned from previous jobs to make what you do at DreamCSX special?  

    I am the Quality Assurance Specialist.  I use my skills as a teacher and director to help evaluate agents at Dream and coach them on how to improve their customer service skills.
  3. Tell me (so far) your favorite moment at DreamCSX. It can be a customer interaction, landing a deal, or even something related to being on the team.

    One of my favorite moments at Dream was Valentine's Day! We decorated the office, had some great food, and got to show our appreciation for one another.
  4. When you’re not at DreamCSX, what do you like to do? 

    I like to watch movies, do arts and crafts, and perform. 
  5.  What are you a total nerd about? 

    Superheroes! Specifically Superman comics and Marvel movies.
  6. Last, but not least: it’s time for “3 Truths and a Lie: Dreamer Edition”. Give us 3 dreams you have for your future… and 1 lie!
        1. Learn how to make pasta from scratch.
        2. Have a one-woman show
        3. Own a cat
        4. Go to every house featured in a Jane Austen movie.