And a sale is more than a figure on a spreadsheet. 

The relationship you have with your customers is crucial to long-term success. In the information age, there is a constant fight for the attention and loyalty of your customers. Amazon and Yelp reviews are powerful drivers that can make or break your customer retention. When your product or service meets the needs of your customers, there’s still work to be done to ensure a lasting relationship is created. DreamCSX, with its data-driven BPO technology, can assess your business’ customer outreach, and then provide actionable tools to improve those relationships.



DreamCSX assesses your current practices in customer retention and loyalty; measuring customer satisfaction data, brand and product reputation, and customer service channel availability.


We collaboratively develop a custom loyalty plan that leverages a multi-channel approach to customer interaction and satisfaction.


When the plan is enacted, you receive timely reporting on your loyalty and retention outcomes. You’ll see not only how your customers are reaching out…
but you’ll also get DreamCSX’s insight into tweaking and perfecting the support offered to maximize satisfaction. All of this work will be delivered predictably and on-demand; ensuring your customers are less likely to be lured away by any number of relevant factors.

Let DreamCSX improve your
current customer loyalty.

Within one business day, DreamCSX will connect with you to create
an assessment report you can implement immediately.