The answer is always no.  

DreamCSX’s team of dedicated Sales Development Experience Specialists are trained to help deliver a steady and predictable stream of customers and opportunities to your business’ front door.



Before launching our partnership and going live with your custom-built campaigns we work with you to identify up to three of your top target markets by both industry and company size.


We collaboratively develop A/B messaging points for use prospecting via phone, email, and any other appropriate channel we leverage, such as LinkedIn.


We then prospect each target market with the relevant, properly tested messaging points. DreamCSX is then able to stack rank your target markets by conversion rate — organizing and leveraging the messaging points that resonate best with each market. This ongoing market intelligence becomes a feedback loop between your front-line sales development team at DreamCSX and your internal marketing and business development teams, maximizing your sales opportunities.

Remove the guesswork from your acquisition.

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