DreamCSX improves upon your current support solutions
by providing scaled support on any channel, by any means necessary
to provide the absolute best experience for your customers.


Inbound Customer Service & Tech Support

Staffing Model & Service Level Analysis — Auditing and Analyzing of your existing Staff and Customer Support Channels to determine room for gains in efficiency.

Multi-Channel Tier 1 / Tier 2
Technical & Customer Support
 — Dedicated support teams to provide industry-leading service levels across all channels (Phone, e-Mail, and Web). 

Review Management — Brand and Product Reputation Management to ensure brand awareness and integrity.


Sales Development & Enablement

Sales Funnel Development — Dedicated team members prospect via coordinated phone, email, and social media campaigns.

Direct Customer Engagement — Identifying your ideal customers, engaging them where they are most open to communication, and provided a measurable call to action.

Data-Backed Processes — A data-driven approach yields predictable and measurable growth. No data? No decisions. 


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